The Golden Sufi Center

The Path of Love and the Song of the Heart
London Seminar with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
21st - 22nd of January 2017

In the whole of the universe there are only two,
lover and Beloved.
—Traditional Sufi Saying

Sufism is a celebration of the love affair between the soul and God. The path of the Sufi is a journey that draws us into longing and ecstasy, into the passion and power that is within the heart. This love that is awakened in the heart also belongs to the core of creation, and is our greatest gift to life. The heart contains the deepest secret of creation and the mystery of our love. When we sing the song of the heart we bring together the inner and outer worlds, and infuse our love for God into every moment of the day, into every atom and every thought. We help the world come alive with love.

Economical Accommodation in London:
For those visiting London to attend the January event and who need accommodation we will again be booking into the Alexandra Hotel and the Seymour Hotel (just across the street from the Alexandra).

The group booking is for two nights: Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January. If you would like to stay one night only, or additional nights, the group rate will not apply and you will need to make your own arrangements. Please note that the prices increase by about 50% outside of the group booking rate. Please note also that changes to the SFR and Euro prices are still possible, due to exchange rate changes.

If you are interested in the group booking, Yael Stobezki will need to hear from you by or before October 25, 2016 with the information below.

If you are not interested in the group booking but would like information to help you find other accommodation, please contact Yael (, and she will provide suggested alternatives so you can make your own booking.

Confirmation of your accommodation booking is subject to your place on the Seminar being confirmed. If for any reason you are not offered a place on the Seminar, your accommodation booking will automatically be cancelled.

Please complete this form by or before October 25th, and click the submit button,
or print and send via post to:
Yael Stobezki
46E Fairhazel Gardens
London NW6 3SJ, England